A Hero From Zero: A Motivational Book for Students, Parents and Mentors (Volume 1 1735670306)

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God created a human person in His own Image and Likeness. The human value is basically rooted in the fact that he/she was created in God’s image and likeness. However, we live in a society where this fact about a human person has been turned upside down. The value of a human person is now based on what he/she has, where he/she comes from and who are his/her parents. These have become the categories IRUWKHGHÀQLWLRQRIKXPDQLW7KHVRFLHWFKHULVKHVthe philosophy of “I AM WHAT I HAVE” or “I AM WHERE I COME FROM.” What a mess! Our young men and women are the product of this corrupted society that measures us, not according to who we are, but according to where we come from, our family backgrounds, that is, the economic background or status of our families. We are seen and judged through the lenses of what we have: “You are what you have”, the society tells us; “and your success is directly proportional to where you come from, and what you family has.” The rejection of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the Gospel of Luke chapter four basically boils down to this philosophy. Nathanael’s response to Philip about the messiah demonstrated that the economic background of Joseph as the carpenter impacted a lot on the identity of Christ. “Can something good come from Nazareth?” “Isn’t he the son of Joseph?”This mentality still echoes in our own society. Young men and women believe that the economic status of their families is a guarantee for their failure or success. They think that coming from a wealthy family is a direct ticket to a better life. And that coming from a poor family is an unquestionable guarantee of failure. The fact is that history proves these positions wrong. A hundreds and thousands of people have made it from scratches, whereas hundreds and thousands from rich families have failed miserably and crawls at the mercy of alcoholism and other drug abuses. They are Zeroes from Heroes. “A Hero from Zero” challenges this mentality and gives insights on how to rise from zero to Hero, to rise from nothing to something, to climb from nowhere to somewhere. It is a wake – up call. It is a call to look at our adversities as the potential seeds of greatness. The book challenges young men and women who have buried their dreams because of the negative voice of the society. Its message is that each one has a destiny from God, but also possesses ZLWKLQ KLVKHU UHDFK WKH SRZHU WR VKDSH WKDWdestiny into the kind that he/she wants.It asserts the point that God created each one of us with equal opportunity to succeed, the difference is the mode of getting there! Our personal journey to our personal success can be likened to the planets. Each revolves around the sun on its own orbit. Likewise, our destinies are unique and independent of anyone’s history. We might not come from the successful backgrounds, but successful backgrounds must come from us. We should not WDNHRWKHUSHRSOH·VGHÀQLWLRQRI IDLOXUHRU VXFFHVVto be our own. Finally this book calls upon every young man and woman to realize that they personally has a responsibility towards his or her future. It challenges them to realize that they are the managers of their own destinies. That they are the architects of their own future. That the work of their parents and teachers is only to midwife their dreams. But the function of delivering a dream is majorly theirs. It challenges them to look at education as a process of dream realization. That Education only ushers them to doors of opportunity, but it is for them to decide to push and enter through those doors.

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