Excel Shortcuts: 130 Shortcuts that will change your life forever

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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

You may wonder why you want to learn this much of Excel Shortcuts, but trust me by learning these shortcuts you will learn more about various features in Excel that you might have otherwise not noticed or skipped without using.

These are some of the benefits of learning Shortcuts.
•Increase your productivity by speeder execution of tasks.
•Will increase the accuracy of the work you are doing.
•Help to get Raises and Promotion.
•To impress your Boss and Colleagues.
•It is fun to use the shortcuts.

This book covers various shortcuts from Basic to Advance level in Formatting, Data editing, Selection, Navigation and other useful shortcuts with example sheets so that you can practice while you read.

Main Contents of the Books is.

Basic Shortcuts.
Shortcuts for Selection.
Shortcuts for Editing.
Shortcuts for Navigation.
Shortcuts for Formatting.
Other useful Shortcuts.
User defined Shortcuts using Macros

All these shortcuts will work in new versions of Excel including Excel 2016. So get started today to increase your productivity.

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