Fantasy short stories for kids: An adventure Tales collection full of suspense, mystery and morals, Of all ages children

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Children’s fantasy literature: Why it is ideal for children to avoid reality?
Why Children Should Be Encouraged To Read Fantasy?

One of fantasy’s most noticeable benefits is that it encourages readers to play with various ways of looking at the universe. It takes a hypothetical situation, and encourages readers to link this fictional scenario with their own social reality.
The use of metaphor by fantasy makes it more "accessible" to multiple interpretations and meanings. This helps fiction to address very complex social problems in ways that are less confrontational than realism as they exist in a world that is disconnected (and can often be interpreted with humour) from social reality.

We know that promoting active creativity and curiosity in children is of tremendous benefit to them, including:
– Developing problem-solving competences
– Stimulating imagination
– Formulating safe interpersonal coping skills

My philosophy is to read science fiction, and to inspire fantasy literature in children as early as possible.
Inciting the interest and creativity of children by encouraging them to explore realms of mystery and possibility through speculative fiction will help ensure they develop the skills required to express themselves creatively effectively.

It will also help them to navigate the world around them adroitly, and allow them to blaze their own paths.

So now that you know how helpful reading fantasy stories can be, there’s no reason not to grab this book for your kiddos and get a few chapters in.

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