Grey Smile: An Approach To Depression

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(as of Jul 12,2020 04:58:37 UTC – Details)

Have you been feeling a little odd lately? Have you felt something is just, not right?

Have you felt a friend who has not been his/her usual cheerful best? Do you miss the old version of your friend?

Have you been experiencing the initial signs of depression?

Grey Smile portrays the beginning of the initial signs of depression, the acceptance, the admission, the phase of depression, and the efforts to embrace and curtail it respectively. It discusses how an individual discovers more about their depression and the process of associating it with their physical, biological, psychological, and emotional health. Grey Smile explores how depression often goes overlooked, ignored, is misunderstood, and is still considered a taboo subject in many places – even in this ever-changing, dynamic world. This book offers a warm hug to all the people who are currently undergoing depression and even for the ones who are unaware or are ignorant of it. This is a collection of poems, anecdotes, and practical explanations revolving around mental health, depression, and stigma surrounding it.

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