How To Create Youtube Channel

How To Create Youtube Channel

We all Know video content is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. The question is, where do you post your video when you are ready to share it? We recommend a YouTube channel.

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world with over 2 billion active users a month.It is also the second largest social media platform, right behind Facebook, According to research 78.8% marketers choose Youtube as a Video Marketing Platform. In comparison, at 58.5 percent, far fewer marketers consider Facebook, Currently the Real king of social media, to be the most effective video marketing platform.”

Nowdays Pepoles between 18 to 44 age choose Youtube Platform. However, it’s also important to note that YouTube is starting to become popular with the older generation. Oberlo stated that, “51 percent of elderly people, over the age of 75, who are using the internet are also watching videos on YouTube.”

 There is no questioning YouTube’s viability, but how do you go about creating a channel that fits your style?

In this article we will detail how you can create and optimize a perfect YouTube channel for your brand.

step 1: Create Youtube Banner

For YouTube, you will need a cover image, a profile image and some videos you want to showcase. The look of your channel could be the first thing new viewers see, and you want to make a strong first impression. You want your YouTube channel to be compilatory to your website, but not be a carbon copy. Use the same colors but make sure to give your YouTube channel its own personality.

If you need help creating art with the correct dimensions, check out this guide from Sprout Social.

  • Channel icon: Its recommended to use 800×800 pixels, that displays as 98×98 pixels.
  • Channel banner: Use 2,560×1440 pixels, that will work good for mobile as 1546 x 423 pixels.

Step 2: YouTube Channel Creation

Creating your YouTube channel is fairly simple if you follow this helpful guide from Sprout Social:

Sign into your existing Google account, or create a new one, Use dedicated account specifically for your YouTube business account.

When you’ve made your Google account, advance over to YouTube’s landing page. 

On the YouTube landing page, click on the symbol inside the upper right corner of the screen. 

For individual YouTube account creation, input your first and last name into the necessary fields. For YouTube for Business account creation, click “Utilize a business or other name” which will lead you to a screen where you can enter your image’s name. 

Click “Create” to activate your new YouTube account.

Step 3: Write a description and Fill out the about page

While it’s easy to overlook, it’s crucial to have an enticing description for your channel that will encourage people to subscribe. As Sprout Social puts it, “Not only is this a place to make a personal impression of your viewers but also funnel them to your social profiles or homepage.”

For the description, add a brief statement about your brand, a call to action to get them to visit your other sites, and a contact business email.

As indicated by Sprout Social, the last bit of the channel depiction is the most significant. “The last bit of your depiction is apparently the most significant. That is, including connections to your landing page, social profiles, and some other spots you’d like your YouTube traffic to land. Counting these connections builds the odds of your traffic turning out to be long haul supporters of your image. YouTube permits you to indicate five connections and adjustable hyperlink text up to 30 characters.”

Step 4: Playlists

Playlists are an easy way to show off the different types of content your brand offers. If you have a podcast, create a playlist for it, if you have a weekly show, create a playlist for it. Playlists make it easy to find content and encourages your audience to begin watching your videos.

Playlists are a simple method to flaunt the various kinds of content your video offers. 

Stringing recordings together to frame a bigger, progressively exhaustive playlist likewise permits you to feature itemized ideas without being limited to a set period of time with a solitary video. Playlists additionally separate the record size of the video venture into littler individual recordings, so transferring can be finished all the more rapidly.” 

Stage 5: Featured Video or Channel Trailer 

YouTube permits you to either feature a video or grandstand a channel trailer at the head of your page. Close to either the highlighted video or the channel trailer will likewise be your channel portrayal. Ensure the channel portrayal coordinates the video you decide to feature. 

Here is an ideal case of a channel trailer design by Binging with Babish. 

Stage 6: Featured Channels and Activity 

YouTube isn’t only a video administration, it’s a gigantic interpersonal organization with a huge number of makers. Fledgling Social subtleties why it’s critical to show you’re a piece of the network, “Much the same as some other informal community, YouTube speaks to a network. Flagging yourself as a functioning member in the network implies following different channels, loving different recordings and telling your watchers that you’re associated with your industry. 

YouTube isn’t only a video administration, it’s a monstrous interpersonal organization with a large number of makers. 

Featuring included channels and “preferred” recordings is an inconspicuous method to show your individual YouTube makers some affection. Moreover, it’s a keen technique to make your YouTube business channel show up progressively dynamic in the event that you don’t anticipate transferring much of the time.” 

How would you know what recordings to like? It will to a great extent be up to what industry you are in and what content you need to adjust yourself to. Fledgling Social offers these rules: 

Feature industry pioneers and influencers (clue: however not contenders) 

“Like” the substance of organizations or makers that you respect or find engaging yet applicable .

Keep away from any substance that could be seen as questionable or in any case irrelevant to your business .

Stage 7: Optimizing Video Content 

Regardless of whether you have the best YouTube divert on the planet, it won’t make any difference if your recordings aren’t streamlined. 

Actualize catch phrases into your video title, the name of the document, labels and the portrayal. In the event that you can, you can likewise put a catchphrase in the channel name, as it will help with SEO. This will enable your video to content seem higher in google look. 

As indicated by Social Media Examiner, “The YouTube calculation utilizes many measurements, yet huge numbers of these kick in simply after your channel has a crowd of people or something to that affect. At the point when you’re beginning from zero, your smartest option to increase new supporters is through improving for search. 

Significant catch phrases and labels help rankings for your recordings, playlists, and whole channel, giving you additional query items, more proposed perspectives, and better endorser change after some time. You utilize these catch phrases not just as labels on your video substance and channel, yet in addition in video titles.”

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